Rugby seeing rise in racist incidents since referendum

– The recent appearance of stickers on lamp posts in the Overslade/Rokeby area saying ‘Kill a Muslim’ and ‘Kill a n****r’. Mr McLaren saw on Saturday a hand written sticker on a lamp post on Dunchurch Road, right opposite the entrance to Overslade Lane, stating ‘Kill all Migrants’.

– Handwritten stickers on a lamp post by the park nearby in Southbrook Road, most of which had been wiped out by the rain, but with a still visible notice saying ‘Kill Scum’. He said they can only guess who was being called ‘scum’. – Small printed stickers in Lytham Road and on nearby Bilton Road saying ‘Immigrants Out’ and ‘Immigrants not welcome’. Mr McLaren said TUSC was told these have only appeared since June 23.

He added: “To put this into context, a Spanish born TUSC supporter who lives and work in Rugby, and wishes to remain anonymous, has told one of our members that, for the first time in the 12 years she has lived here, she has been made to feel unwelcome. Despite saying to her ‘We don’t mean you of course,’ she now feels scared about the future – and she puts this anti-immigrant sentiment down to those who voted to Leave the EU

“There was also a report on Sky News last week that a Romanian woman who has lived in Rugby for 13 years received racist abuse on her Facebook page the day after Brexit, saying she wasn’t welcome here. She said she had not experienced anything like this before the referendum

Rugby seeing rise in racist incidents since referendum

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