Made in Britain

A second-hand submarine sold to Canada by the UK, which had been cannibalised to make the three previous submarines sold to Canada seaworthy, caught fire in the Atlantic not far from Ireland.

A vessel completely surrounded by water…caught fire.

Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it? *wipes patriotic tear from eye*


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Barking-mad religious lunatics alert: The Christian Spotlight has a film review page. As you can probably guess, these censorious minds take offence rather easily, at:
The Piano, “In addition to the adultery theme present in The Piano, there are scenes of graphic sexuality, full frontal nudity, and erotic moments…it is too offensive for Christian viewing.”
The English Patient: “Some serious issues are dealt with but, unfortunately, not tackled from a Bible-based perspective.”
Bridget Jones’ Diary: “We should expect more from the country that gave us Byron and Shakespeare.”

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