Student stabbed in neck with smashed bottle ‘for speaking Polish’ in Telford

Student stabbed in neck with smashed bottle ‘for speaking Polish’ in Telford

“The people who attacked him were at first sitting a few hundred yards away, but when they heard them talking they came up to them and swore and told them to speak English,” he said.

“They grabbed Bartosz’s drinks bottle, smashed it and stabbed him with it. He dialled 999 himself and they ran off when they saw the ambulance coming.”

Intruders broke into our flat and told us: ‘Immigrants go home now’ during post-Brexit hate crime surge

Intruders broke into our flat and told us: ‘Immigrants go home now’ during post-Brexit hate crime surge

One woman said she and her family have left the capital after they were attacked in their home. Erzsebet Trautman, 49, moved from Hungary to London three years ago. But a month ago, she left her flat in Camden and returned to Budapest fearing for her safety.

Another woman, who only gave her name as Nancy, had been living on a south London estate for years with her husband and children after moving to the UK from Spain. But since June 24, the day after the Brexit vote, she has been living in fear after being cornered by three men who racially abused her.

“They started to be really aggressive,” she said. “I can’t even describe it, it’s something that you feel in your heart.”

Reward offered after ‘vile’ racist attack in Bristol

A reward of £1,000 is being offered for information after a series of “vile” racist attacks in Bristol.
Bricks were thrown at windows and racist graffiti sprayed on walls of houses on Bideford Crescent in Filwood earlier in July and again two days ago.
Police said the victims were “not UK nationals” and they were treating the incidents as racially motivated.
Insp Nigel Colston said the families had been left “absolutely terrified” and their young children “traumatised”.

Reward offered after ‘vile’ racist attack in Bristol

Hate crime incidents across North East increase following Brexit vote

In the lead-up to the referendum and in the weeks following, racial and religious minorities in particular were reporting a sharp rise in hate crime incidents – including physical and verbal assaults and racist graffiti.

The release of the figures come as police hunt a woman who racially abused a taxi driver before spitting in his face.

The incident happened around 3.30am on Saturday (JUL 2) when the driver was taking a group of people he had picked up in Newcastle back to Sunderland.

As they were passing through Boldon, a female passenger became racially abusive to the driver.

He continued driving for a short time before stopping and asking the customers to get out.

The woman then spat in his face.

Race hate attacks on rise after Brexit vote

Race hate attacks on rise after Brexit vote

A mum has today spoken about being subjected to a tirade of racial abuse after new figures show a rise in hate crime in Lancashire.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, was subjected to taunts at her 84-year-old father’s home in the Broadgate area of Preston.

Yobs threw pork products at the pensioner’s home and when his daughter came to clean it up she was subjected to racist abuse.

The pensioner, who emigrated in the 1950s to take up work at Courthaulds factory, is disabled, partly deaf and has poor sight.

His Muslim faith means he is forbidden to touch pig flesh.

The incident comes as figures show an increase in hate crimes in Lancashire in June – when the Brexit decision was announced – compared to the same month last year.

Police data released under the Freedom of information Act shows incidents spiked by almost 70 per cent from 154 offences to 259, with racial or religious offences up 80 per cent.

The mum-of-four said: “My dad is very vulnerable. It’s been ongoing for a few weeks and I feel no-one is taking us seriously.

“It started with (things being) posted through his letterbox during Eid, and then bits of tissue thrown at his windows, but I’d say it has escalated since the referendum.

“My brother was returning from prayers and found meat on the door handle. I came out and rang the police. While we were waiting a man in a neighbouring house was shouting to a female visitor: ‘There’s sausage on their door’.”

The woman then insulted her.

Foreign students cancel trips to Sussex after spike in hate crimes

Foreign students cancel trips to Sussex after spike in hate crimes

FOREIGN tourists have cancelled trips to Sussex this summer following racist attacks in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, a council leaders has revealed.

Now it has been revealed German students were racially abused in Hastings.

Councillor Peter Chowney, leader of Hastings Borough Council, said: “This was reported on German television and led to a spate of holiday accommodation cancellations by German visitors.

“Not only are these nasty racists behaving in an illegal and despicable way, they’re damaging the local economy too.”

Seaside towns rely heavily on visiting foreign students, especially during the summer.

A recent British Council study calculated English language teaching was worth more than £1bn a year to our economy nationally.