We Begin Bombing in 5 Minutes

Rochenko here.

Not often something comes along that makes me think relocating to the US might be a good idea, but this is different…

In one scene, Nancy Reagan urges her husband to do more to help Aids sufferers, but he blocks the discussion, declaring: “They that live in sin shall die in sin.”

At one point it is also suggested that [Reagan] drew the inspiration for the star wars missile defence scheme from a 1940 film, in which he starred, entitled Murder in the Air.

An appeal to all Jezblog readers: can we have a whip-round and buy Channel Five the UK broadcasting rights to this for Chrimbo?

The Daily Bigot

The Daily Bigot, Britain’s (very) right wing rag with delusions of being a proper newspaper held a vote yesterday on whether the UK should have a referendum on joining the euro. This paper’s readership being what it is, I don’t expect anything other than a NO result. However, along with a good many other proper left-leaning folk, I left my YES vote on their site yesterday.

Today’s Grauniad carries quite a good piece on this. I particularly enjoyed their description of the Daily Mail:

It is usually described as rightwing, but this does not necessarily tell strangers to Mail-land much about it, in the same way that “interested in women” would be an accurate but not useful characterisation of Peter Stringfellow.

The whole exercise was being touted as a referendum, but is actually, of course, an opinion poll. A poorly organised one at that – multiple votes for anybody were permitted and doubtless used. I have no idea about the printed “ballot forms”, but online, you had to give an e-mail address and your name. A secret ballot? Hardly. Of course, I have my Hotmail account for such uses – all my spam just piles up in there, unread.

UPDATE: Actually – all very confusing. What would be the best thing for a pro-euro person? A referendum may well allow lots of extremely unintelligent people to veto the euro on the grounds that it’s foreign and not English and therefore ain’t fer us, innit? Pounds and pence have only been in existence for thirty-odd years, so there’s no reason to be sentimental about them. The decision should be based on economic reasons only, and therefore taken by those democratically elected people who understand such things. So perhaps I should have voted ‘no’ then. No matter – it was only a deeply flawed Daily Bigot poll.

Not Amused

An open letter to the RATP (Paris public transport company):

If you are not actually going to go ahead with a strike on a Monday morning, perhaps you shouldn’t actually have announced a complete standstill to all metro traffic last week. Because if you do announce a strike for a Monday, people might believe you, and spend ages cycling in to work in the pouring rain, getting drenched and freezing cold, and then feel like a complete ninny when their colleagues tell them they should have listened to the radio that morning for the traffic news. And I was really knackered this morning – I could have done with taking the metro.